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Welcome to Copiague Christian Academy (CCA)

We wish to welcome you and to thank you for your interest in this exciting adventure in Christian Education here at the Copiague Christian Academy.

It is the purpose of the Copiague Christian Academy to provide a scholastically excellent program based on the philosophy that all knowledge comes from God and that Jesus Christ is the center of all living and learning.

Copiague Christian Academy

Christian Education is by no means a new concept. It dates back in this country to the seventeenth century with the foundation of many of the universities today referred to as "Ivy League". Through the years, however, man in his finite wisdom has sought to improve upon it. Today, we have become aware that many of the basics in education have been lost in the shuffle.

With this in mind, we have found the need for returning to some of those basics that founded this country on God's Word; to raise God's children in the love and admonition of the Lord, and to nurture their complete development in mind, body and spirit (As Jesus increased in wisdom and stature and in favor with God and man - Luke 2:52).

After carefully examining the various methods of teaching, we believe we have chosen outstanding courses of study and texts and have interwoven a reading and math curriculum in all grades, better suited to the requirements of New York State. Our classroom is a traditional setting with aides when necessary. Our academic teachers are carefully chosen qualified individuals dedicated to the needs of the whole child. Since the Academy's first academic year (1983-1984,) we’ve maintained our excitement for this important work.

– Accepting Applications for the 2021-2022 School Year –

The Sunshine Preschool:

  • Open to 3 and 4 year olds
  • Three or five full or half day 3 yr. programs available
  • 3 yr. Half day 8:45am-12:00pm, Full day 8:45am-2:45pm
  • Five full day 4 Yr. old Pre-Kindergarten 8:45am-2:45pm

The Copiague Christian Academy:

  • Full day Kindergarten thru 2nd Grade classes 8:30am-2:45pm


Please call to arrange an appointment for interview and testing when applicable. Applicants must agree to abide by all policies of the Copiague Christian Academy.

Bus transportation must be secured from your district by April 1st of the upcoming year, for ages 5 and up.

The Copiague Christian Academy admits and does not discriminate against students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin. All are afforded the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally made available to our students.

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2020/2021 Reopen Plan

An Overview

All Subjects are taught from a Christian perspective using the A Beka curriculum. Students participate in spiritual emphasis programs, seasonal productions, and class trips. The Copiague Christian Academy is a NYS recognized, private, Christian school with advanced training at all levels. We are affiliated with the Mid-Atlantic Christian Schools Association (MACSA).


Sunshine Preschool: 3Yr. Program - Supply List

Our 3Yr. Preschool program is a place for 3 yr. olds to come to develop their social skills; a place for children to enjoy spending quality time with their peers and where they can attain spiritual direction and growth while preparing for Kindergarten.

Choose from these schedules: Three or five full or half days.

Listed below are some of the daily activities and features:

  • Language Arts: Reading readiness
  • Science & Math
  • Physical development activities
  • Musical activities
  • Character Building activities
  • Free Play
  • Spiritual Development
  • Socialization Skills
  • Arts & Crafts (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo 4)
  • Story Time
  • Learning Centers
  • In & Outdoor Games
  • Health & Safety
  • Field Trips
  • Parent-Teacher conferences

Sunshine Preschool: 4Yr. Program - Supply List

Our 4Yr. Pre-School program is a lively academic program for 4 yr. olds that will give them an enjoyable foundation and a strong desire to learn. The full day program includes:

  • PHONICS: Reading – We use a phonics based reading readiness program which will introduce students to recognition, sound and formation of vowels, consonants, blends and one-syllable words. Use of readers helps reinforce phonics and simple sentence structure.
  • WRITING: As preparation for writing, we use a variety of tracing activities to practice letters and their sounds.
  • MATH: Various exercises are used to help students recognize and write the numbers 1- 20. We begin basic addition and subtraction.
  • ART / MUSIC (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo 4)
    Other activities include: Coloring pages, directed art and other activities which will help develop writing readiness, eye hand coordination, visual perception and listening and thinking skills.

CCA: K5 Full-Day Kindergarten – Supply List

We offer a full day program that engages the students in a multi-sensory (hands on) approach to learning.

Our curriculum includes:

  • READING/PHONICS: Systematic phonics instruction; short & long vowels; blends; daily reading aloud using various genres.
  • WRITING/ENGLISH: Penmanship practice; spelling; daily journal writing activities to build word knowledge, sentence structure & creative expression.
  • MATH: Calendar, number sense, counting, addition, subtraction, time, money and measurement.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Family, community helpers, map skills, states - symbols, monuments, government leaders - local, state, presidents and countries of the world.
  • SCIENCE: Weather, seasons, seeds, animals and seashore.
  • ART / MUSIC (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo 4)

CCA: FIRST GRADE – Supply List

Our curriculum includes:

  • READING/PHONICS: Activities include: drill and word analysis skills; using chart games mastering over 100 special sounds.
  • WRITING/ENGLISH: Lessons include writing stories, learning punctuation, parts of speech, paragraphs, contractions, and compound words.
  • MATH: We study 1 & 2 digit addition, time, money, story problems, introduction of multiplication, measurement, and greater or less than.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: “This is My America”: Introducing symbols, history, places of interest, geography and creative writing.
    SCIENCE: Studies include the 5 senses, observations and hands-on science activities.
  • ART / MUSIC (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo 4)


Our curriculum includes:

  • PHONICS: Drill work, games and word analysis.
  • ENGLISH: Punctuation, capitalization, contractions and vocabulary with a strong focus on creative writing and sentence structure. Introduction to cursive writing.
  • READING: Reading groups, book reports with a strong focus on reading comprehension.
  • MATH: Addition and subtraction up to 2 digits , fractions, division and multiplication.
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Our America, Our Heritage, patriotic songs, holidays, and the flag.
  • SCIENCE: Creation, animals, plants, energy, earth & space.
  • ART / MUSIC (Photo 1) (Photo 2) (Photo 3) (Photo 4)

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